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The best way to get hold of me is via email.   Click Here To Email Me

If you want a web design quote I prefer that you use Web Design Quote Page Here.

My turnaround time for answering emails is usually within 24 hours, so if I have not replied to your email within 24 hours, please send again as I get a large volume of emails and some of them do get lost or end up in my spam box.

(If you mail me on a Friday afternoon, I may only get back to you by Monday.)


Box 36061, Menlo Park, 0102, Pretoria


No 11, 23rd St, Menlo Park, Pretoria, South Africa



Please Note :  If you are a new client enquiring about services please use my Web Design Quote Page as I cannot quote you over the phone and without the necesary details.  You are off course welcome to talk to me first on the phone 🙂

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