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Powerful Ranking Method Makes Websites Rank Like Crazy In The Search Engines

Congratulations, you now have a website… And no… Google does not know automatically that your website exists. You first need to “Index” your website and then “Rank” in the search engines.

Please Take Note

There is a difference between having your website “indexed” in a search engine, i.e reported and the search engine knows that it exists and places it in it’s index and the “search engine rankings” that people are actually referring to.

Search Engine Rankings are the placement of your website in the order of relevance when someone makes a search. Your website may be indexed in the search engines (the search engines knows that it exists and comes up for searches for your company name), but not ranking in the top 10 for specific keyword phrases, and if it is not ranking in the top 10, then it may as well be dead.

Did you know that the # 1 spot on Google’s search engine rankings can give you between 40% – 50% of the total clicks on a specific search term?

The second place gets about 11% – 18% and the other 30 odd percent is reserved for the rest.

Well, there are 2 aspects to search engine rankings on Google that people have to know about. # 1 is that your website must be technically correct to rank on Google (On Page SEO). In other words all the things that influence a website’s search engine rankings that can be done on the website itself must be done.

This will have to be done BEFORE you start looking at factor # 2… Link Building…

Learn This Lesson

This is unfortunately where most websites and their owners fall flat on their faces, and where I know that most website owners do not heed my advice. Getting incoming links are crucial if you want your website to have search engine rankings. It’s simply getting harder and harder to achieve search engine rankings and your competitors are building links all the time while you are doing none!

Before we continue it is important that you Read My Page On Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how the search engines work and why it is important to have links so you will understand the concepts discussed further. Please read it now, it will open in a new page and you can then come back here…

Also see what Wikipedia says about backlinks (note the section about the search engines)

Since you now know why links are important and how they work, suffice for me to say that they are a crucial part of search engine rankings and that it takes nothing else but time and energy (read WORK) to get those links. And time = money. Do you have the time to build links to your website?

If you want Search Engine Rankings, you have to have a combination of the correct on page factors PLUS links from other websites pointing to your website.

I am a full time Internet Marketer. I make my living EXCLUSIVELY via the Internet.  I have done so for over 18 years now. I am so “online” that I do not even have business cards! Apart from getting referrals via existing clients I do no offline marketing whatsoever.

I own several websites and manage a network of over 552 websites. All of them require links to achieve search engine rankings. Building the websites was about 30% of the work. Getting links to them after they were built is about 70%. Most work happens AFTER the website is launched.

If you have ever done any link building you will know how time consuming and labour intensive it is and how hard it is to get good search engine rankings

So managing so many websites, building links for all of them and still have time to eat and sleep I had to find semi automated and automated methods for getting those links. Most of these proprietary methods took years to develop and are closely guarded secrets that I do not want to share with everyone. (my competitors read my website). I can tell you however what works but not exactly how I implement them (trade secret) in getting search engine rankings.

Save A Huge Amount Of Time By Having Me And My Team With Our Super Charged Methods For Building Links Do The Work For You. We Will Get You Those Coveted Search Engine Rankings!

Very Important Side Note

The amount of links and the time your website will require to acquire search engine rankings depends on the amount of competition that your website faces to rank in the top 10. I can tell you from experience if you want to rank for things like “cape town accommodation” and “kruger park tours” that you will have to spend a lot of time AND effort AND money to stand a chance to rank at all.

These are highly competitive keywords that have thousands of other websites competing. If however you want to rank for “electrical engineer bloemfontein” that is much easier and you should be able to rank with my Basic Rank Package.

Your ranking will depend on how much your competition has done before you and how many links their websites have already. Either way, getting search engine rankings takes TIME and patience and consistently adding links.

Here Is The Secret To Search Engine Rankings That I Had To Learn The Hard Way:

 You must add links consistently and continuously over time for the links to have effect

Often when you are wondering why your website is not ranking the root cause of it is a lack of links or a lack of consistency in building them. I Personally Spend Over R5000 pm On Links For My Own Network Of Websites To Get High Search Engine Rankings. It is the most crucial part of ranking online.

Even more so than On Page SEO as it is quite possible to rank for a search phrase with just links and almost no on page SEO. If you stop building links for long periods of time then Google see’s that links are getting fewer and pages start to drop in the search engine rankings. Ask me, I speak from experience.

I will check your website first to see if the On Page factors are in place before you order one of my link building packages. There is no use in getting links if the on page factors are not in place, so you will get a free consultation from me before we start any of the link building services below.

No one can guarantee your search engine rankings and if they do so they are lying.

We do what we know works to get rankings.  But if for some reason beyond our control, Google et al does not rank your website, there is not much we can do. Please do not see these packages as any “guarantee” of some sort. There are just too many factors outside of our control that can not be influenced by myself to “guarantee” anything.

Your ranking will depend on how much your competition has done before you and how many links their websites have already. Either way, getting search engine rankings takes TIME and patience and consistently adding links.

Do Not Expect Search Engine Rankings Within The First Three Months

For Best Results You Should Do The Power Rank Package Monthly Especially In Competitive Markets

Search Engine Ranking Packages


Local And Moderate Rankings
R1200per month

For Local & Moderate SEO Competition

Includes 3 pages optimised

3- 6 months for results


For Tough SEO Competition
R4900per month

For Tough SEO Competition

10 pages optimised

6 – 12 months for results

* There Will Be A Once Off Fee

Depending on the amount of pages that need to be SEO’d there will be a once off fee to do on-page SEO on your website based on my hourly rate of R420.  I will quote you separately for this once off fee. I may wave this fee depending on the amount of work to be done so enquire below and lets see what we can do!

I Will Advise You

I Will Always Consult With You First Before Selecting A Package As Your Search Engine Competition, Your Budget And The Speed At Which You Want Results Will All Play A Role In Deciding Which Package Will Work For You.

If You Are Interested In My Search Engine Rankings Service Please Use The Form Below To Contact Me And Lets Talk About How I Can Help You Get Those Top 10 Rankings!

If your website was not built by me we may have to work on the on page factors first before we attempt links for your search engine rankings

 These methods work for getting search engine rankings, they have proven themselves over time and they are the methods we know that work, that I use on my own websites, but you must please understand that Google, Yahoo, MSN etc does not belong to me or my staff and associates. Google et al can do what they please, we can only deliver what we know they like and prefer and have tested over time to work for us.

I Can Currently Only Take On 20 Clients. So This Is A VERY LIMITED OFFER For Those Who Realise How Valuable Top Search Engine Rankings Are

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