Yearly Website Hosting Packages

Stop Being Ripped Of By The Big Hosting Corporations, Pay Only For What You Need And Get Your Own Website Name, Email Addresses Included In Your Hosting

This is where I get hot under the collar! Your Big Black Box company that sponsors everything and anything and have their ad blasted all over TV and in magazines are ripping you off!

And so do many other hosts in SA. They prey on the fact that South Africans in General know VERY little about the Internet.

Well here I hope to offer you a hosting solution and advice that will be of value to you. (After all the Internet is just that, your MOST cost effective medium for advertising)

Domain Name

You need a domain name (website name) such as or and this is called your Domain name.  This domain name is in essence rented from the central registrar of domain names on an anual basis.  You need to renew the domain name yearly in order to use it.  If you do not renew in time the name expires and goes back into the open market for anyone to register.

Domain names work on a first come first serve basis, you do not need to be a registered company to register a domain name, you can register any name as long as you do not infringe on any trademarks.

It pas to have your own domain name as this brands your company and “legitemise” your existence in the mind of your clients.  Having free email accounts and etc is all well and good, but it is better to have it and shows that you are serious about your business.

What Is A Host?

There are many people who do not know what website hosting is and why you should have one. Once you have created your website, you need to upload the files to a computer server that is ONLINE 24h / 365 days a year, SO WHEN VISITORS TYPE IN YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS THEY CAN SEE YOUR WEBSITE.

Your website name points to this 24 hr online computer and visitors can access your website any time they want. So, a host is basically just a PC (we talk about servers in this case) with 24 hour Internet access that people will connect to when they enter your website address.

This server also houses your email adresses.  So if you have or then your hosting server will host these email accounts for you and ensure you can send / receive emails at your domain name.

Whether you have a website on your domain name or just want emails, you still have to have your domain hosted.  You can have a “Under Construction ” page on your website and just have emails but you need both emails and your website hosted in order for it to work.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Naturally your website will take up space on the server’s hard disk where your website files are uploaded. The offers for space varies TREMENDOUSLY and so do the prices. How much website hosting space do you need? People have NO idea how much space gets taken up by a website.

Well to give you an idea, if a 5 page small business website is optimally built with graphics optimised for the Internet it shouldn’t take up more space than 100 mb – 200 mb. Most of my 5 page websites are under 100 mb and more than adequate for their purpose. This ENTIRE website doesn’t take up 150 mb . What on earth am I going to do with 1000 mb?

What About Bandwidth?

This is the amount of traffic that your host / server allows you to use. If you use too much you will drain your host of resources and make their computers crash. Just like when you have too many programs running at the same time on your PC, eventually the memory runs low and your computer hangs up or crashes.

How much do you need? This offcourse depends on the amount of visitors to your site and what they do there (eg download pictures, ebooks, video etc…) For most of my websites and for those of small business owners 1250 mb a month is MORE than adequate to start with.

What I Offer You

I buy my hosting in bulk from the USA and therefore can get it cheaper than locally hosted websites. Your website will be hosted by one of the largest and best server companies in the world and you can trust that your website will have 99% uptime.

In fact, I employ a third party hosting monitor that checks your website every 15 minutes to make sure it is still up and running and notifies me if it is not.

They have monitored my hosting for over two years with the following results:

Total uptime:99.98% (Over 2 years)

Total downtime:1 hour 8 min (Over 2 Years)

Daily uptime:100.00%

Depending on the amount of multimedia, expected visitor count and file downloads your website will require, I will quote you on the right hosting package.

Website Hosting Packages

For most small business websites the two packages below are more than adequate to host a standard website. If it appears that you need more, I will advise you accordingly and you can upgrade at any time.

I ask R1070 per year for registering your domain and hosting it with 15 email accounts

Any additional domain and hosting accounts are R940 per year.

I have unlimited hosting options from R350 pm. (unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails).

Hosting and domain is included for the first year with my Web Design Special.