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Custom Web Design And Search Engine Rankings For Small Businesses To Generate Visitors, Leads And Sales

Small Business Web Design

I know the costs of Internet Marketing and Web Design and Hosting! I know them because like yourself I am a small business man who was being ripped of by web designers and hosting companies.

From initially paying one of the Largest Internet companies in South Africa R450 pm for 25 mb of space when I needed only 2mb to paying R20 000 for a website that should have cost me R2500, I know them all!

That’s why I started designing website for clients like you, to give you the best value from my own experience as a small business owner and full time Internet Marketer.

Designing a successful website is not just about creating the page with nice pictures on it, it also means that the website should be marketed and the website must convert visitors to sales so you make money from your website.

A successful website consists of 2 elements :

  1. The physical design (actual pictures, colours, logos, navigation, animations, text etc) and the intangible conversion of visitors to customers by what you say on your site, how you say it.
  2. Traffic and Visitors. You can have the most beautiful site in the world, ready to take orders, ready to convert into eager buyers, but if you do not have people visiting your website, then you may as well not have one, because no one is going to see what you say and all your pretty pictures.

Remember, I Offer You A Complete Turnkey Solution Including Your Own Website, Hosting With Your Own Website Name, Own Personal Email Addresses And Website Marketing

I do the complete setup for you from start to finish. You only supply me with your content / text that you want to use, any images / photos and company branding and I do the rest.

I do not just build a website for you, you get the benefit of my Internet Marketing experience of over 8 years online when you order a site from me. I have sold Millions of Rands worth of goods in my eight years on the Internet, and have tested MANY marketing channels and techniques, so when I create your site for you, that experience is built in…

How I Can Help You

#1 I want your website to rank on the search engines so that your website receives targeted traffic / visitors.

#2 I want to convert those visitors into customers for you.

You get the benefit of my Internet Marketing and sales experience when you hire me to design a website for you.

Side Note : The biggest mistake website owners make is not marketing their websites once it is launched. No, Google does not automatically know you have a website, you have to get links to your site from other websites for Google to know you have a website!

I Offer The Following Services

  • Website Design
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Website Redesign
  • Blog Installation
  • Link Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Hosting

* Note : I strongly advise you to order at least one of the my search marketing packages in addition to your new website if you want to get your website indexed and to increase your chances of ranking on the search engines. I see too many website fail because everyone is ignoring this… you have been warned….

When You Order A Website From Me You Get

  • Custom Website Template Design
  • Email and phone support
  • Testing of the website
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • My marketing expertise built in
  • Free 3 Month Guarantee *

I will advise you what to do with your site and what you will need to do in order for your website to perform. I will work with your website as if it is my own and I want to get the best possible outcome for you.

* Free 3 Month Guarantee : I will correct any errors to the design, content, visual effects and programming of your website for three months after launch of your website to ensure your website is working 100% the way it should be.

I Also Redesign Existing Websites That Are Currently Not Working Like They Should And Suggest Marketing Channels And Techniques

Website Marketing Services

Once you have your website you have to market it.  It is no use just building it.  People need to know about it’s existence.  And no, Google does not automatically know that your website exists.  You have to LET GOOGLE KNOW it exists by getting links from websites that are already in Google’s index.

And once Google knows that your website exists it will start to rank for searches for your company name but not neceseraly for keyword phrases.  There are only 10 spots on the homepage of Google and everyone (including your competitors) are trying to rank there.  So how does Google know which is the ones that should rank in the top 10?  By relevance.

And how does Google know it is relevant?  By first reading what your website is about from the pages of your website and then seeing if anyone else agrees that your page is relevant to the topic.  And Google does this by counting how many other websites link to your website or refer to your website for the topic.

The more links you get from other websites the higher Google will rank you.  And if you have ever been at the # 1 spot for popular money terms then you will know how vaulable that can be in terms of money.  I know, I make my living exclusively full time from the Internet.

Hence I offer you my Search Engine Ranking services based upon my years of personal experience from running multiple online businesses and websites.  If you need a website that works and ranks in the search engines you have come to the right place.