Wordpress Tutorials For My Clients

Welcome To Your New WordPress Website!

You now have one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet in your hands. If you use it and promote it you can do some serious business with your website.

For your convenience I provide some tutorials regarding your new WordPress site so you can edit, add and modify as you like below.

But First, 2 Things;

First Thing

Google Does Not Know Your Website Exists
Remember, your website will not be “indexed” in Google immediately.  I have submitted your website to Google but it will take 7 to 14 days to be indexed before it shows up in Google.  To “rank high for your chosen keyword search terms” we will need to do a keyword link / ranking SEO campaign on a continual basis.

If you want to rank at the top for your search terms then please remember to read my page about Search Engine Rankings 

Second Thing

Apart from SEO You Need To Market Your Website

My Free Intro Guide To Marketing Your Website Online

(Learn How To Make The Most Of Your New Website On The “New” Internet)

Wordpress Training Materials

Please Use The Free Image Editing Tools Below To Resize Your Images Before You Use Them On The Website This Will Increase Your Website’s Load Speed And Save Your Hosting Resources, Make Your Website Rank Higher And Make The User Experience Better For Your Website Visitors

Editing Your Images BEFORE Using Them

Your hosting account is limited to space, and the more pictures you upload the more space your website will require and if you use too much space you will need to upgrade and pay more.
So use the following tool and instructions and make your images smaller before you upload them. This will also ensure faster loading time for your website and your clients do not have to wait for hours for one picture to open on your website.

Click Here For Resize Tool

Its A Free Bulk Image Resize Software That You Can Download

And Use To Resize Images To 800 x 600 As Ideal For Web Use

See The Video Tutorial

More Image Editing Software (Free)

If you need help, advice and support then please contact me

Training Materials

You will need Adobe PDF reader or something similar to read the manual.

(Right Click And Select “Save As” To Save On Your Hard Drive)