Email Setup Instructions

This Page Contains Important Information Regarding Your Email Account,
Please Read Through All Of It

Please Note
Your email account is not set to keep your emails online permanently.  You need to download your emails from time to time with Outlook / Outlook Express / Thunderbird / Windows Live Mail to empty your online Inbox and open up space for new emails.  Your account is A POP email account, IMAP is used expresively for mobile devices




Your Incoming (POP3) And Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server Settings Are:

Secure SSL/TLS Settings (Recommended)

Username = yourfullemailadress
Password = Password provided
Incoming Server:
IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995
Outgoing Server:
SMTP Port: 465
IMAP, POP3, and SMTP require authentication.

(you need ro replace “yourwebsitename” with your actual website name in case you were wondering)


You risk your account being suspended and closed if you send bulk email from your provided email account.  If you want to do bulk email marketing you must do so from a 3rd party such as Getresponse.

Hosting And Email Terms Of Service

If you need to send bulk mails (accounts, bills at month end etc), please talk to me as I do have a solution for you.

Your Email Settings Should Reflect These Settings Below

Ensure SSL is enabled

Ensure the right port number for the type of mail you are using is selected

Make sure : “Require logon using secure password authentication” : is checked

Email Setup Instructions Per Device

For Phones you can also login to your webmail located at using your email and password.  Inside you will find a dropdown screen (see below) that will provide you with a file to install your email on almost any device, just follow the instructions:



You have access to webmail where you can read your emails online for when you are away from your desk.

Please download your emails regularly via outlook / outlook express and do not use webmail to store all your emails as your server space will fill up if you save all your emails online and you will have to upgrade your hosting.

To access your webmail:

Type your website address with /webmail at the end.

example :

You will be prompted for a email + password

The username will be your full email address and the password as supplied to you.

Once logged in, you should click on ROUND CUBE to access your emails on the server.

Email Trouble Shoot

If you get a sending or receiving error, please write down the error number in Outlook / Outlook Express, always do a lookup for the error number in Google first as in 90% of the cases you will find a solution that is related to your Outlook / Outlook Express Settings and not the email server. 

I cannot fix your Outlook / Outlook Express from my side, you need to ensure that your Outlook / Outlook Express Settings are correct.

Here are some more email trouble shooting guides.

Email Problems Outlook / Outlook Express

If you get an error number in Outlook / Outlook Express, always do a lookup for the error number in Google first as most often than not you will find a solution that is related to your Outlook / Outlook Express and not my email server.

If you contact me regarding email support, please provide the Outlook Error Number.

Email Scams – Keep Your Emails Safe

If you receive emails regarding your email account or hosting that is RUNNING OUT OF SPACE or ACCOUNT BEING DEACTIVATED requires you to RESET YOUR PASSWORD, those emails are not from me nor your server, they are most likely scams devised to steal your password.


You will only ever get such emails from me personally regrading your account.  If in doubt, fw me the email I will confirm.

How do you recognise these emails?  Click here to find out more.

IP Blacklisting has all to do with spamming:

Imagine you and several people in your neighborhood share a mailbox. Each person receives their own mail, and everyone is expected to follow certain rules, like not sending junk mail to others.

In the online world, an IP address is like a digital mailbox that multiple users share. It’s a way for computers to send and receive information. Now, if one person using that shared IP address starts sending out lots of unwanted and annoying messages (spam), it’s similar to someone in the neighborhood constantly stuffing the shared mailbox with junk mail.

An IP address is typically assigned to a user by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Typically. Vodacom, Telkom. Mweb. Afrihost etc (you will be paying them monthly for Internet access to make your WiFi wor. When you connect to the internet, your ISP gives your device an IP address to identify it on the network.

So, in essence, your IP address is like a digital address assigned by your ISP when you connect to the internet, allowing data to be sent and received between your device and others on the network.  This IP address is most often shared by many user of the same ISP. is like a watchguard for mailboxes on the internet. They keep a list of IP addresses that have been reported for sending spam. If your shared IP address gets on this list, it’s like having your neighborhood mailbox flagged for sending too much junk mail. Other online services, like email providers, may then decide not to accept messages from that flagged IP address to prevent spam from reaching their users.

Once your IP has been listed by as being on a blacklist the email server may start denying you access to the server in order to protect itself and other users from the “bad neighborhood”.  That is why your email access is sometimes blocked as the server where your email is hosted at does not allow you to connect, even if you are entering the correct password.

Check if you are blacklisted:

  1. Open
  2. Find what is your public IPV number (will be a range of numbers) example
  3. Fill the numbers here :
  4. You should get a green message saying you are not listed or a red one saying “We notice you are on a blacklist.

What to do:

  1. Shut down your modem at the power for 30 mins, and start it again.  You will be assigned a new IP by your ISP and if that is a clear IP address your mail should start working
  2. Wait 24 hours as blacklistings clear after 24 hours unless the IP gets reported again for spamming again.
  3. Get a dedicated IP address from your ISP that we can whitelist permanently and you will not have issues again.
  4. Contact me so I can have your IP whitelisted on the server

Please Note : The assignment of your IP address is done by your Internet Service Provider.  If they do not monitor and clean their network regularly from spammers you are going to be stuck in a bad neighbourhood and have issues constantly.  Move to a better “neighbourhood” by getting a more reputable Internet Service Provider that do not allow spamming on their network.