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I will gladly quote you on your website. Please understand that it is very difficult to give you a web design quote out of hand or just straight over the phone unless I have all the relevant information regarding your project in front of me.

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    I analyze your requirements and the scope of the project, make suggestions in terms of functionality and try to determine the best outcome for your project first, before I give a quote for the project. I work with your site as if it is my own and from my experience of marketing on the Internet. I will not advise or suggest anything if it is going to detract from :

    # 1.  Getting visitors to the site via the search engines

    # 2.  Turning those visitors into enquiries (you have to turn them into customers yourself by engaging them and making the sale).

    Note : I am an experienced Internet Marketer, your website will incorporate my over 18 years of online marketing experience. So even though you may get a website “cheaper” somewhere else, ask yourself, will it work in terms of getting visitors and converting those visitors to sales and leads?

    There is so much more to a successful website than placing some text and images on the Internet somewhere hoping that you will get more business from it…

    I need to know the size of the project and the functionality that you require before I can give you a quote.

    With that said, to give you an idea, my projects run anywhere from R1500 to R8000 on average.

    So your website will most likely fall within that price range, but the final quote will depend on the size of the site and the functionality required by your specific website and any other additional services offered. Without a thorough analysis of the project I will do you a disservice by just giving you a quote straight away. I offer discounts depending on any additional services offered and need to consider the project as a whole before I give you a final price. Remember, when you hire me to build your site, you not only get the benefit of someone who can put together some text and images in a website format for you, but my Internet Marketing experience and in depth knowledge of the search engines will give your website that added advantage when it comes to getting visitors and turning those visitors into enquiries. To this end, the best way to get an accurate web design quote is to fill in the form below, be as specific as you can and include as much info as possible.  I will follow up with you via email regarding any further info I may require to give you a proper website design quote.

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