Customer Testimonials

Unsolicited Client Testimonials Going Back To 2003

Keith Nell

Paying tribute today – to Stephan Uys – surely the master of website designers, who after trying others, was the ONLY one could produce such a magnificent website for “VISCOUNT DOWN” that he has. This is completely an unsolicited tribute – but so well deserved. THANK YOU STEPHAN!!!!

Jan Hendrik

My website was indexed and ranked within a week, I got my first enquiry and customer from my website within two weeks of being launched. The first transaction paid for the website. The rest is now pure profit. Well done Stephan, I will recommend you to all. (Incidentally, my customer told me that the reason she contacted me was because I had the most professional looking website of all my competitors and she now also wants you to do their website)

Mark John

After deciding to have a website put up, the next step was WHO would be best for this? I have seen many sites that look good but are hard to find. Thank goodness I did a search on Google and found Stephan. I contacted him and never looked back! Talk about value for money and professionalism! He designed my website after offering me 3 x options, and on first presentation I was happy! Not only do I now have a site that looks good, but after just one day of going live, we were on the first page of Google’s search results! Awesome! It’s amazing what Stephan did – from Initial design, to hosting, to getting the site ranked! Now I have “web presence” and website that looks good and can be easily be found! Thank you Stephan!

Susan Calvert

As I am an absolute amateur when it comes to websites, marketing etc. I needed some-one who had the “know-how” and the patience! Stephan had it all! He explained step by step what I needed and it has worked!! My business has grown from strength to strength in the past year. My website looks professional and I get e-mails and phone calls every week from my website. My website is my biggest asset and brings me 90%  of my business. I used what budget I had but as I grow I am already wanting Stephan to take my business to the next level. If you want professionalism and a person that wants the best for you and your business, then Stephan is the person you are looking for!

Terence Tobin

When I first contacted Stephan he got back to me in lighting speed. He has been so helpful to aiding me to increase my website traffic and lead generation by offering me sound advise and principles that anyone can follow. Using Stephan and his company for your website and internet marketing will only make you go from strength to strength. I have had an increase of about 20-25% in lead generation in about 3 weeks with Stephan. Thanks MATE!

Marie Kapp-Lotter

Stephan did my very first website – Maintenance Service for You. I merely gave Stephan just an idea of what I want, as I was a rookie on the net. Well I have sold over 500 books from my site, appeared in 4 magazines, was on 5 Radio shows to date. Recently Stephan did my second site and the reaction is overwhelming. If anyone of you have a product or service to sell, ask Stephan to review your current site or give you a quote. It is really not expensive to have a site.

Johan Blignaut

When it comes to web design and hosting I have found Stephan one of the few who really gives a service that is good value for money. He helped me with web design up and until I could cope on my own. From then on he was always there for me when I needed him. His advice has proofed invaluable to me during the course of the past five years. I highly recommend him to anybody who’s planning to start their own website.


Thanks very much it is greatly appreciated!!! I wish I had got you to set up my business website – I had it done via a government aid scheme and had to pay only R200.00 – what a mess, it has been going on since Nov 2008 and is still not registering on the search engines!!!! Anyway you get what you pay for hey!!! I have been playing so nicely and see we are at least on the first page for most topics on the search engines – Thank you very much – Its been a pleasure!!


I have just spent an hour or so reading your info on SEO – well done – it’s excellent info! A friend of mine just went on a workshop about this, and I bet he did not get such good info!

Christine Meyer

I want to thank you for your great advice last year in advising me to start a blog instead of a website. I am so pleased with the results, when typing in “nguni hides” we are no 2 on Google’s listing. I have made so many sales as a result of the website that I think I can spend a little to upgrade. I would like to stick with you as I am so pleased with my current blog…