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home2Hi!… my name is Stephan and I am a web designer based in Pretoria and freelance webmaster for several websites since 2001. I have over 352 clients and have built over 1200 websites.

I don’t just custom design websites for you or your small business, I also offer expert advice on marketing your website, search engine rankings, website hosting and domain name registration, based on my own experience from making a full time living online, so you can get value for money and a return on your investment.

In Short I Offer A Complete Turnkey Website Solution

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I make a full time living on the Internet as a Web Designer for others and own several websites myself and I will advise you from my own experience of running a small business on the Internet.

This is where I differ from other Web Designers, I actually run my OWN websites on the Internet and have learned what works and what does not.

Let video game designers and “graphic artists” do their thing somewhere else – but not on your Web site! A 100% guaranteed recipe for failure is to have a fancy, flashy web site that takes a long time to load and calls attention to how cute and clever its design is. Keep it simple and stay focused on your target result – closed sales”. David Garfinkel Copy Writing and Internet Guru

What Use Is The Most Beautiful Website In The World If No One Can Find It On A Search Engine?

Why Most Small Business Websites Don’t Work?

  • They get little to no traffic…they are lost in cyberspace
  • They are created by Web Designers who know little about Internet Marketing
  • They are created by Graphic Designers. The website “looks” good but doesn’t deliver because they are not optimised for the search engines.
  • They are priced too high and deliver too little as they are coded from scratch

As a web designer I first and foremost try and find for my customers off the shelf solutions that we can adjust and modify for their needs. I hardly ever work from scratch as this saves a huge amount of time and money for my clients. You hardly ever have to pay for a website platform with me (the software that makes your website work), you pay me to install, configure and to customise the platform for you. You save THOUSANDS in development fees for your website.

Paying tribute today – to Stephan Uys – surely the master of website designers, who after trying others, was the ONLY one could produce such a magnificent website for “VISCOUNT DOWN” that he has. This is completely an unsolicited tribute – but so well deserved. THANK YOU STEPHAN!!!!
Keith Nell – www.viscountdown.com


My website was indexed and ranked within a week, I got my first enquiry and customer from my website within two weeks of being launched. The first transaction paid for the website. The rest is now pure profit. Well done Stephan, I will recommend you to all. (Incidentally, my customer told me that the reason she contacted me was because I had the most professional looking website of all my competitors and she now also wants you to do their website)
Jan Hendrik – www.magonso.co.za


After deciding to have a website put up, the next step was WHO would be best for this? I have seen many sites that look good but are hard to find. Thank goodness I did a search on Google and found www.sawebsitedesigner.co.za. I contacted Stephan and never looked back! Talk about value for money and professionalism! He designed my website after offering me 3 x options, and on first presentation I was happy!
Not only do I now have a site that looks good, but after just one day of going live, we were on the first page of Google’s search results! Awesome! It’s amazing what Stephan did – from Initial design, to hosting, to getting the site ranked! Now I have “web presence” and website that looks good and can be easily be found! Thank you Stephan!
Mark John www.laserengraving.co.za


As I am an absolute amateur when it comes to websites, marketing etc. I needed some-one who had the “know-how” and the patience! Stephan had it all! He explained step by step what I needed and it has worked!! My business has grown from strength to strength in the past year. My website looks professional and I get e-mails and phone calls every week from my website. My website is my biggest asset and brings me 90% of my business. I used what budget
I had but as I grow I am already wanting Stephan to take my business to the next level. If you want professionalism and a person that wants the best for you and your business, then Stephan is the person you are looking for!
Susan Calvert- www.amberrain.co.za


When it comes to web design and hosting I have found Stephan one of the few who really gives a service that is good value for money. He helped me with web design up and until I could cope on my own. From then on he was always there for me when I needed him. His advice has proofed invaluable to me during the course of the past five years. I highly recommend him to anybody who’s planning to start their own website.
Johan Blignaut www.kemptalk.com


Thanks very much it is greatly appreciated!!! I wish I had got you to set up my business website – I had it done via a government aid scheme and had to pay only R200.00 – what a mess, it has been going on since Nov 2008 and is still not registering on the search engines!!!! Anyway you get what you pay for hey!!! I have been playing so nicely and see we are at least on the first page for most topics on the search engines – Thank you very much – Its been a pleasure!!
Liz – www.usedtractors.co.za

I offer a complete turnkey website solution to getting your website on the Internet, from web design to domain registration, hosting and marketing your website. I will become your web designer when you outsource your web design to me.

Now You Can Have A Web Designer With Real Life Internet Marketing Experience Designing A Custom Website For You!

I cannot stress this enough. Do not let graphic designers build websites for you! They know all about graphic design and nothing about Internet marketing and Search Engine optimisation.

I encounter this problem daily where business owners contact me to complain that their current websites are not giving them a R.O.I and in 99.99% of cases the websites have three common mistakes ;

  • The websites are built in frames (a BIG no from search engines Yahoo and Google as well as most others)
  • There has been no target market research i.t.o keyword analysis and search engine optimisation and
  • The website has been filled with large graphics and clever bells and whistles and there is no clear marketing message coming through It leaves the visitor with no clear instruction as what to do next.

Remember, I make a full time living exclusively as a web designer from the Internet as I market several different products in several different markets for my own websites. You can now benefit from my experience as I will design a website for you that works!

I Am A Website Designer In Pretoria Making A Full Time Living Exclusively On The Internet, Marketing My Own And Other People’s Products And Services And Will Create Your Website Based On My Own Marketing Experience

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When I Become Your Web Designer You Get :

  • A Fully Functional Professional Looking Website Custom Designed For You
  • Web Domain Registration
  • Hosting and Personal Emails
  • Meta Tags and HTML coding targeted for your market
  • Search Engine Friendly Website
  • Website Marketing Advice
  • 3 Month Guarantee
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance
  • And My 10 + Years of Full Time Online Marketing Experience Built In!

I’m Am Based In Pretoria South Africa, But Do Work All Over South Africa (and even overseas) All You Have To Do Is Email Me Your Content And I Do The Rest!

Be Clear About What You Want To Achieve

First thing you need to do is ask Yourself : Why Do You Want A Website? The answer to this question will guide you through the rest of the web design process…

Alternatively You Can Have A Look At My Web design Special. You will not find better value than my special from another web designer, guaranteed, if you do, I will beat their price.

Stephan Uys

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