I know the costs associated with doing business on the Internet and that small businesses are struggling and I know how web design clients are being ripped of, so I wanted to offer something that would save you on costs, works well and user friendly.

I can honestly say that after four years of searching I have come up with a special offer to help you launch your own website on the world wide web cost effectively, efficiently and best of all you can edit yourself afterwards.

You may find cheaper websites elsewhere, but you can not expect much in terms of website performance from a R800 website that the “cousin of your brother’s best friend” built for your business. I now even see websites advertised for R400.  Really?  What can you expect from a website for R400?

When you get me to build your website you have someone who has extensive Internet Marketing Experience on your side.  I have personally sold millions of Rands of products online and you get the benefits of that experience built into your website.

I want to thank you for your great advice last year in advising me to use your special instead of a custom website. I am so pleased with the results, when typing in “nguni hides” we are no 2 on Google’s listing. I have made so many sales as a result of the website that I think I can spend a little to upgrade. I would like to stick with you as I am so pleased with my current website…

Christine Meyer – www.ngunihomedecor.com

Free CMS Software And Training Materials Included


In Other Words A Complete 5 – 8 Page Custom Designed, Ready To Market, Search Engine Friendly Turnkey Website That You Can Edit And Add To Yourself Afterwards!

Perfect For Small Business Websites, Churches, Clubs, Guest Houses, Portfolios Websites, Product Catalogues And Just About Any Other Type….



Look, I know times are tight and that more and more people want more control over their own website by being able to add content of their own and making changes to the site without having to ask me to do it for them.

In the past this was difficult if you wanted to do it yourself but did not have the knowledge and the software to do it.  You could buy specialized software that would allow you to do so, but this type of software was normally very expensive, not user friendly and proprietary to the software developer. (Proprietary CMS software is a big headache for some people as only the web designer who created it can often work with it and it is not transferable.  If you want to use a new webmaster or end your service with the current web designer, there goes your whole website…  I know, I service many former ‘proprietary software’ clients now)

However, there is room for you in the form of WordPress. This is a Content Management System (CMS) that is OPEN SOURCE and FREE and it allows you to edit and update your own website from an admin backend without any prior knowledge of web design.

It’s perfect if you are on a budget as you can edit and update prices, news, contact numbers, photos, photo galleries and information yourself.

Recent updates to the WordPress software has made it one of the most advanced and user friendly systems of it’s type. (I chose this software as a platform for my clients after investigating NUMEROUS platforms and I chose it because it is the MOST USER FRIENDLY and easiest to use for a total novice, yet with powerful functionality and effectiveness ).

Because It Is Open Source It Is 100% Free And You Do Not Have To Pay For Content Management Software To Edit Your Own Website!

(Please note: this software is installed on your website, you do not need to download or install anything onto your PC, you just login with username + password to edit your website after I have designed it for you)

WordPress is for small and medium sized websites. It is perfect for product catalogues, guest houses, clubs, churches, small businesses and many more types of businesses. I use it on almost all of my own personal websites.  It’s easy to learn and can be conquered in a day or so. It can be used in a website format or as a newsletter or both. (The DSTV.com Website Is Built With WordPress)

The greatest benefit is the cost savings in the long run because you do not have to contact me to make changes to your website. No waiting, no costs, you can add that special or that news item immediately.  It is also not some proprietary software system costing you thousands that can only be edited by your web designer, it is open source and has thousands of people contributing to it’s improvement and effectiveness and can be used by any one should you change webmasters in the future.

Thanks very much it is greatly appreciated!!! I wish I had got you to set up my business website – I had it done via a government aid scheme and had to pay only R200.00 – what a mess, it has been going on since Nov 2008 and is still not registering on the search engines!!!! Anyway you get what you pay for hey!!! I have been playing so nicely and see we are at least on the first page for most topics on the search engines – Thank you very much – Its been a pleasure!!
Liza – www.usedtractors.co.za

Remember you also get my quick start PDF guide to manage your site and also access to video tutorials to show you how to do the things you want on your site. You also get a free image editing tool so you can resize your images for use on the website.

You Get A 5 Page (designed and built by me) Turnkey Website With Everything You Need To Manage And Update The Website Text + Photos Yourself AFTERWARDS.

Remember You Do Not Need To Design Your Own Website, You Get A 5 - 8 Page Custom Designed Website From Me. I Design And Build The First 5 Pages, That You Can Edit Afterwards With The WordPress CMS Software, Only If You Want To!

(No Monthly Fees)

(Domain And Hosting Renewable @ R970 Per Year From Year Two)

As I am an absolute amateur when it comes to websites, marketing etc. I needed some-one who had the “know-how” and the patience! Stephan had it all!

He explained step by step what I needed and it has worked!! My business has grown from strength to strength in the past year. My website looks professional and I get e-mails and phone calls every week from my website. My website is my biggest asset and brings me 90% of my business. I used what budget I had but as I grow I am already wanting Stephan to take my business to the next level.

If you want professionalism and a person that wants the best for you and your business, then Stephan is the person you are looking for!”

Susan Calvert- http://www.amberrain.co.za/

You can now have a website that you can edit and update yourself afterwards if you want to change prices, specials, news, articles, photo galleries and more.

You get a username and password whereby you can login and start posting your website content, either creating new pages, editing existing ones or posting to your newsletter. No waiting for a webmaster, no hourly costs to pay should you want to make updates.

Your website will be search engine friendly and indexable because I upload and modify the necessary scripts to make your website 100% compatible with the search engines. I also create up to 5 pages for you and can create more if you are interested (at R190 per additional page).

A turnkey website that works, with custom template design, with 5 pages created, that is search engine friendly, with domain name, with hosting for a year, with 15 emails, with ability to update and manage yourself, video and training materials and no monthly fees, created by an experienced Internet Marketer at this price is a bargain!  


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